Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow

July 28, 2023 – Women’s Symposium at the IKC

Listed below are the questions that were addressed at this symposium.

  • What have you contributed as a youth ambassador to the Kenpo Women’s Symposium? (answered by Madeleine Leppert)
  • How did your online program start and what does it look like now? What successes have you had? (answered by Jenny Keiper)
  • What do you say to people who say that online training is limited due to the lack of hands-on training with other training partners? (answered by Jenny Keiper)
  • What struggles have you faced as a Latin American woman Kenpoista? (answered by Marysol Céspedes Aranda)
  • Can you talk about the early years of competition and what if any was different for women in the martial arts? (answered by Mikie Rowe Moore)
  • Throughout all of your years in the martial arts, you still continue to practice, train and teach on a routine basis.  What drives you to continue your ongoing quest in the martial arts.  Can you share what your daily routine is? (answered by Mikie Rowe Moore)
  • What recommendation do you have to bring more youth into the schools and have them step up into being leaders? (answered by Jocelyn DeTemple)
  • How do you ensure consistency with the teachers at your school to make sure your core standards are being taught the way you want them to be taught?  Do you have a leadership program to ensure your standards and goals are the same throughout? (answered by Rebecca & Shawn Knight)
  •  What’s your model for success in keeping your business open for so many years through ups and downs? What has changed over the years and reflecting back is there anything you would have done differently? (answered by Shelene Hearring)
  • Can you tell us about the transition from a home dojo to a brick-and-mortar studio? How did you make the decision to make that larger investment? (answered by Connie & Fred Bell)
  • How do you balance school ownership with your own training? (answered by Sandra Dee)
  • How do you separate a business relationship from a husband/wife/partner relationship when it comes to yourselves as joint business owners? How do you separate a business relationship from a friendship relationship, particularly when it comes to teaching close personal friends? (answered by Erika & Tony Potter)
  • You’ve been doing this for a number of years now, and one of your goals is to give women more exposure and recognition. Do you feel you are making progress, and how do you measure that progress? What’s your end goal? (answered by Barbara White and Denise Plowman)
  • As a Latina, how do you get over the machismo? (answered by Marysol Céspedes Aranda, Shelene Hearring, Erika Potter, Tony Potter, Mikie Rowe Moore, Rebecca Knight, and Jenny Keiper)
  • You’re starting your senior year in high school. How do you plan to continue your journey in Kenpo, and what might it look like with your upcoming future? (answered by Madeleine Leppert)
  • You’re already a black belt. What do you want all of the “old people” to know about your training and how you want them to interact with you as instructors and school owners? How can you be supported in your training? (answered by Jocelyn DeTemple)
  • Do you have any programs/fundraisers aligned with your own school to help provide scholarships to support those who would be unable to attend due to financial difficulties? (answered by Shelene Hearring, Connie Bell, Tony Potter, and Sandra Dee)