Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow

July 12, 2020 – Online Women’s Symposium

Listed below are the questions that were addressed at this symposium.

  • How can a woman deal with comparisons by others in regards to the differences in physical strength between males and females? (answered by Connie Bell and Sandra Dee)
  • What are some ways to get out of your comfort zone? How do you challenge yourself to do that? (answered by Patty Dye and Denise Plowman)
  • What are typical sacrifices you have made in relation to your family to be a Kenpoist? How do you feel these sacrifices vary from what men make? (answered by Aisling Grant and Helene Meade)
  • Because women and girls have unique obstacles in their Kenpo journey, they may be tempted to quit before they reach their advanced belts. Have you experienced this in your teaching or training, and if so, how do you and others help them through this? (answered by Rebecca Knight and Barbara White)
  • What has Kenpo given you? (answered by Kellie Foster and Dee Swan)
  • What are methods you use to diversify your training? (answered by Heather Flessing and Andree Scanlon)
  • What is an aspect of Kenpo you feel strongly about? (answered by Sandra Dee, Patty Dye, Aisling Grant, Helene Meade, Denise Plowman, Andree Scanlon, and Dee Swan)
  • What advice would you give to women as they go up through the ranks? (answered by Connie Bell, Heather Flessing, Kellie Foster, Rebecca Knight, and Barbara White)