Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow

May 1, 2022 – Online Women’s Symposium

Listed below are the questions that were addressed at this symposium.

  • How have you managed to juggle your busy life with work, training, kids’ training, and managing a household? (answered by Antonia Mahony)
  • Growing up as a Kenpo student at your dad’s school, are there any experiences that you had with your dad that you now apply to your own kids as they begin their training with you? (answered by Jamie Hammons)
  • What advice do you have for new mothers who are getting back into Kenpo? How do you organize your time to meet the needs of your training as well as of your family? (answered by Jamie Hammons)
  • In reference to Kenpo and life, what is something your son has taught you? What is something your grandchildren have taught you? And what is something you have taught your son and grandchildren? (answered by Vonnie Emerine)
  • What influence did your mom leave to you that has impacted your own Kenpo training? (answered by Alia White-Cass)
  • Where do you see yourself and your children in 5 years? What do you want for your children through karate? (answered by Rhiannon Leppert)
  • What is the best thing about training with your mom? (answered by the children of Rhiannon Leppert)
  • What is it like growing up in a Kenpo family? (answered by the daughter of Antonia Mahony)
  • What’s one last thought or piece of advice you would give to others about being a Kenpo mom? (answered by all panelists)