Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow

March 28, 2021 – Online Women’s Symposium

Listed below are the questions that were addressed at this symposium.

  • How can we encourage more women to remain in Kenpo, become active, speak up, have their voices heard, and receive the recognition that they deserve? (answered by Denise Plowman)
  • Sometimes physical engagement (as in practicing techniques) reawakens trauma. How does physical and emotional trauma impact a person’s training, and how do you effectively coach oneself or others who are suffering those symptoms? (answered by Mylisa Chrisp)
  • Have you ever had to put a student or instructor in place? How did you handle it? (answered by Kelley O’Sullivan)
  • How do you welcome individuals with temporary or permanent physical limitations, and how do you make adjustments on the fly while teaching so that everyone is participating? (answered by Jesalyn Harper)
  • What is something that you are working on in Kenpo? (answered by Barbara White)
  • Was there a moment in your life that would have gone a different way had it not been for Kenpo? (answered by Shelene Hearring)
  • What are some barriers that are unique to women training in Kenpo? (answered by Kim Capell)
  • Kenpo is a self-defense system utilizing efficient moves to neutralize a threat. Some women may see these moves as being too violent. How would you handle this? (answered by Rebecca Knight)
  • Is there a benchmark that will help you believe that women have achieved equal status with men in Kenpo? (answered by Denise Plowman and Mylisa Chrisp)
  • What advice would you give to women who are thinking of starting Kenpo? (answered by Heather Flessing and Kelley O’Sullivan)
  • Which female martial artist has been your biggest influence or example, and why? (answered by Kim Capell)
  • Have any women on the panel ever used their knowledge in a real-life situation? (answered by Mylisa Chrisp, Denise Plowman, and Barbara White)