Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow

March 26, 2023 – Online Latin american Women’s Symposium

Listed below are the questions that were addressed at this symposium. (This symposium was in Spanish.)

  • What specific types of coaching (for you and/or your trainees) do you incorporate to improve your overall performance for your event? Do you have any structure that you can comment on? (answered by Jessica Siam and Camila Bazaes)
  • How do you fight your own insecurities? Do you have any tips to share about your personal battle? (answered by Yenny Ocanto and Jessica Siam)
  • As a coach, how do you identify the right tips according to the learner’s profile? (answered by Erika Rojas)
  • How do you work with yourself and/or your students with the concept of losing in a tournament? (answered by Yenny Ocanto and Camila Bazaes)
  • When organizing tournaments, what are the most difficult aspects to manage? (answered by Erika Rojas)
  • Have you ever had a setback, such as an injury, COVID, or a family issue, and how did you handle it in relation to your own training? (answered by Camila Bazaes and Jessica Siam)
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from a coach and why is it so important to you? (answered by Yenny Ocanto and Erika Rojas)
  • As a coach, how do you manage parental expectations? (answered by Erika Rojas and Yenny Ocanto)