Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow

October 24, 2021 – Online Women’s Symposium

Listed below are the questions that were addressed at this symposium.

  • With the many years that you have in the arts, what motivated you throughout, especially through any challenging times that you may have had? And what motivates you now to continue your training in the arts? (answered by Christine Bannon-Rodrigues)
  • How do you incrementally begin training after a serious illness or injury? (answered by Kathrin Franke)
  • What was the best advice that you received regarding your training throughout the years, especially from Mr. Parker and the other seniors you have had relationships with? (answered by Jaki McVicar)
  • What is your favorite technique and why? (answered by Cat Gurinsky)
  • There seem to be many karate studios owned and operated by married couples. Have you any suggestions on maintaining a successful relationship both on and off the mat? (answered by Erika Potter)
  • What was your most difficult belt to work on and why? (answered by Amber Lovelock)
  • What advice would you give any of the women coming up in the art that want to follow the path that you have followed in order to be a successful school owner, coach, and instructor? (answered by Doreen DiRienzo)
  • If you are currently enduring a minor foot injury, and you’re still able to continue your karate training, how do you effectively tell your instructor and make sure you are training in a way that is not harming your injury? And if your instructor is aware of your injury but not completely accommodating it, how do you go about your training? (answered by Kathrin Franke)
  • Part of our learning is done through teaching, and that’s something that can be enjoyed and done even if the person is only a purple belt. So, do you have any advice on teaching? (answered by Erika Potter)
  • As a smaller person, how do you demonstrate the power of your Kenpo within seminars to the class? (answered by Jaki McVicar)
  • What is your favorite memory from working in movies and television? (answered by Christine Bannon-Rodrigues)
  • I find it hard to perform complex moves and forms because my mind and body struggle to keep up with each other. I never let my disability define me or overcome me, but I would appreciate knowing what advice you would give to a student who has ADHD or who has a learning disability? (answered by Doreen DiRienzo)
  • I feel like I am not good at sparring, and I get nervous. Do you have any advice about sparring? (answered by Cat Gurinsky)
  • What was your black belt thesis about? (answered by Amber Lovelock)