Kenpo Women’s Symposium
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Vonnie Emerine

Vonnie Emerine was born and raised in Wellington, Colorado. She has one son, Chauncy Emerine, who was raised in the same small town. Chauncy earned his black belt in Kenpo Karate under Master John Sepulveda and started a school in Wellington. In 2001 he became Vonnie’s teacher, and her Kenpo journey began. She tested for her black belt in 2009.  

In 2012 Vonnie’s son married Jamie and moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where they started a family, as well as a new school – American Legacy Martial Arts – and they made room for Vonnie in their new home. She has been blessed with three grandchildren – two girls and one boy – and wakes up every day to a full house of joy.  Of course, as all martial arts families know, the kids have grown up on the mats. Vonnie worked full-time at Pathways Hospice as the Patient Benefits Coordinator in Fort Collins, Colorado and at night would help teach at American Legacy Martial Arts. In January of 2020, she retired and is now a full-time student and assistant teacher to Little Dragons, Kenpo Kids, Adults, and Adaptive Abilities classes. Mr. Parker said, “When one teaches, two learn,” and Vonnie says she is learning so much through each of her students.

She has had the opportunity to meet and be instructed by Master John Sepulveda, Master Bob White, Mrs. Barbara White, Sigung Stephen LaBounty, Mr. Dave Coppock, Mr. Paul Dye, Mr. Ron Sanchez, and many other inspirational instructors over the years.  Vonnie is a member and has participated in the Colorado Karate Association tournaments and was the Sparring State Champion in 2016. American Legacy Martial Arts has started new classes in the Team Rhino System for ground control, and she is excited to train and get her certificate in this area of martial arts.

Vonnie would like to express her gratitude to all who have inspired her and graciously taught her in her martial arts journey, and to God for blessing her with her wonderful family, friends, and teachers – from the Little Dragons to the Masters of the art. She is forever grateful.