Kenpo Women’s Symposium
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Shelene Hearring was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her martial arts journey began at the age of 16 in the summer of 1973 at the University of California, Riverside. Fueled by her desire to protect herself as a single female away from home, she took a course in Taekwondo. After training for about a year and a half and still yearning for the confidence needed to protect herself, Shelene began to look at other styles of martial arts.

In 1976 Shelene was invited to visit the Pasadena studio of the now late Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, and she decided to give herself a birthday gift by signing up for a course. Thus, her Chinese Kenpo journey began with the late Si Tai Gung Steve Hearring. Steve Hearring was a black belt & manager at Mr. Parker’s Pasadena studio. Her martial arts training took place in the studio, at martial arts seminars & camps, and in parks, backyards, garages, or any place there was a workout happening. In 1980, Steve Hearring relocated to Seattle, Washington, and invited Shelene to visit. Her visit resulted in a new journey as a wife and continuing student.

In the mid-80’s their journey with Sijo Marvin Quon began, learning Northern and Southern Chinese kung fu styles. Shelene’s Silum training included numerous traditional weapons such as broadswords, double-edge swords, cane, iron fan, staff and spears. She also began training in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and learning about the healing aspects of martial arts.

In 1995, Steve & Shelene opened Two Dragons Martial Arts Studio in Pasadena, California. Steve developed Chuan Shu, a system which incorporates Chinese Kenpo, Northern Silum Kung Fu, and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan into a comprehensive curriculum.

In June 2007, Steve passed away, and it was Shelene’s years of martial arts training of constant practice and discipline that enabled her to survive one of the hardest tests of her life. For the last 14 years, she has been sole owner and Chief Instructor of Two Dragons Martial Arts Studio in Altadena, California. Shelene says that she is the legacy of Si Tai Gung Steve Hearring, and she proudly carries the torch that he passed on to her.