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Associate Master Ron Sanchez has a very extensive martial arts background and is a lethal and non-lethal use-of-force Subject Matter Expert (SME) to numerous law enforcement agencies.  He has an 8th degree black belt in American Kenpo (Associate Master of The Arts) and is one of Grand Master Bob White’s senior students. He also has black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (1st degree), Taekwon-do (2nd degree), and TAI karate (2nd degree).

Mr. Sanchez joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1975 and retired as a senior captain with 31 years of distinguished service. His assignments included undercover, patrol, physical fitness and defensive tactics instructor, Metropolitan Division, stakeouts, VIP and dignitary protection, detective, homicide, surveillance, Internal Affairs, as the Commanding Officer of Hollywood Area, and myriad administrative assignments.

Upon retiring from the LAPD, Mr. Sanchez opened Veritas Assurance Group, Inc., which specializes in training and evaluating lethal and non-lethal force, high-risk audits for public safety agencies, and assisting executive management with identifying and managing their risk exposures. Mr. Sanchez served as a consultant, SME, and auditor for the Consent Decree between the Prison Law Office and the Sacramento County Probation Department. He is the Use-of-Force SME in engagements that include the United States Department of Justice, the California Departments of Justice, and the Los Angeles and Kern County Sheriffs’ Departments. Other clients include the Pasadena Police Department, Oakland Police Department, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Hollywood Business Improvement District, Los Angeles Police Command Officers’ Association, Calexico Police Department, the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, Evident Change (formerly The National Council on Crime and Delinquency), and the Napa County Probation Department.

In 1996 he founded the Hollywood Police Activities League (PAL) Martial Arts Program that operates an amazing program in the heart of Hollywood and uses martial arts as a vehicle to mentor and develop inner-city kids, so they can thrive and develop strong life skills.  Well over 1,000 inner-city kids have benefited from the program, and many of his students have achieved their black belts and prevailed in national and international competitions. More importantly, his students have also achieved other personal and professional success and have gone on to become teachers, attorneys, United States Marines, and soldiers in the United States Army.

Associate Master of the Arts Ron Sanchez has been inducted into several Martial Arts Halls of Fame, including the Masters Hall of Fame (2007), Kenpo International Hall of Fame (2011), the United Martial Artist for Christ Hall of Fame (2016), and the Kenpo Hall of Fame (2018).     

Mr. Ron Sanchez is a published author, and his most recent publication is The Watchman: The 12 Irrefutable Principles of Physical and Spiritual Defense.