Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow

Rebecca Knight’s childhood was difficult at best. She grew up in a religious cult in Mexico and endured physical, mental/emotional, and sexual abuse for the first 10 years of her life. After moving back to the US when she was 10 years old, she found that it was nearly impossible for her to trust anyone, including herself. She struggled with self-esteem and confidence in every situation, and she doubted that she could ever recover from the trauma she had endured. Rebecca attended her first Kenpo lesson in 1996 and immediately felt something that she had never felt before – a small and delicate sense of worth, which grew over the years to an overwhelming feeling of confidence and strength. The feeling that was cultivated in her is why she trains and why she teaches. She desires to see that bloom in the hearts of the students that she works with, as well, and to show each and every one of them what they are truly capable of doing anything they put their mind and heart into! Rebecca says she teaches because of the following reasons:
  • She has the ability to encourage positive change.
  • She has room for creativity.
  • She is challenged.
  • She can see improvement in herself and others.
  • She can encourage respect and discipline.
  • She can share her passion for the martial arts with others.
She was proud to have been included in the Kenpo Continuum by Amy Long in 2008 and was featured on the Kenpo Women Website ( in 2012. She is most humbled by her inclusion as an honoree in Tom Bleecker’s The Journey – Book 3: American Kenpo’s Next Generations in 2019. She and her husband own and operate Knight Method Kenpo in Tucson, Arizona, and celebrated their school’s 22nd anniversary in September of 2023. They are grateful for their Master Council Members that guide (and have guided) them in the martial arts, in business, and in their daily lives: Sigung Stephen LaBounty (RIP), SMA Bob White (RIP), SMA John Sepulveda, and SMA Lee Wedlake.