Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow


Kim Capell started Kenpo in January of 1997 under the instruction of Senior Professor Gil Acosta at Senior Master Sepulveda’s Santa Clara Kenpo Karate school in California. She currently trains at Associate Professor Sandra Dee’s Santa Clara Kenpo Academy. Kim is Mr. Acosta’s first black belt and currently holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in the Advanced Kenpo Training System founded by Senior Master Sepulveda.

Since 1997, Kim has trained under Master Larry Beltramo and Senior Professor Gil Acosta in the Santa Clara Kickboxing program, as well as under Senior Professor Gary Murry in Kenpo. She has participated in the Nor Cal Kenpo group’s monthly workouts and weekly test preparation sessions since its inception. Thanks to the connections from the Nor Cal workouts, Kim studied knife for a few years under Professor Chris Tanaka from the beginning of his Tanaka Integrated Knife System program. 3rd degree Black Belt Dr. Wani Wynne, who could present a challenge for any opponent in kickboxing and jiu jitsu, was a significant influence and support to Kim, as well. 

Kim is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience designing, developing, and managing products from concept through production in aerospace, commercial, wind energy, telecommunications, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. Among the many products and programs she’s worked on are NASA space shuttle life sciences programs, laser power supplies, rotary lasers and accessories, wind turbines, test and assembly equipment, and inhalers treating agitation, seizures, and migraines.