Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow

Kelley O-Sullivan

Kelley O’Sullivan is mean and evil and wants people to suffer. Lover of burpees and gluten-free baking, she is always down for a fitness challenge. Her day jobs currently include personal trainer, fitness class instructor, head chef, and dog snuggler. She will soon be pursuing certifications in K9 training to be able to work with and train police K9 units to honor her daughter’s legacy in law enforcement.

Kelley has been training in Kenpo since 1999 when her husband won the highest bid on the Introductory Class Package at their kids’ elementary school fundraiser that was donated by Mr. Gerald Guintu of Karate Ways in Pleasant Hill, CA. It took about 3 more months for her to work up the courage to start her classes, but once her feet touched the mat, she knew there was no turning back.

Mom to three kids, including Fallen Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan, eldest of six sisters, and aunt to over 30 nieces and nephews, Kelley always finds time for making healthy treats for her training partners and local police officers.

Kenpo has been good to her through the years, teaching her many life lessons on and off the mat, as well as boosting her self confidence. It has reignited her passion for fitness while helping others find theirs, too. After taking some breaks here and there she earned her Black Belt in the summer of 2015 under Mr. Rich Goldberg.

Kelley’s love of fitness has her currently studying how to help women specifically train for their fitness goals based on the fact that women are not small men. She also focuses on learning how to support your body and still train hard through each stage of life. Kelley enjoys In and Out Burger field trips, obstacle course races, stand-up paddle board yoga, trying out new paleo recipes, beach runs, and hiking around her backyard in the hills of Briones, California.

Life has thrown many curve balls her way, but Kelley always finds a soft mat to land on with her Kenpo family. She knows she can count on her sisters and brothers to hit her hard and hug her harder. She is currently training for her Second Degree Black Belt test in the summer of 2022.