Kenpo Women’s Symposium
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Jocelyn DeTemple

Jocelyn DeTemple, also known as JC, turned 14 years old in December of 2023 and has been training with Mr. and Mrs. White at Bob White’s Karate Studio since she was about six. Her dad had taken up karate when he was a kid, but then broke his leg and had to stop. One night at the dinner table her dad asked her if she was interested in martial arts. JC was resistant at first, but when he did sign her up, she enjoyed it a lot. She began training with him, and they progressed up through the ranks together. Her dad received his black in summer of 2022, and she earned her black belt in May of 2023.

A few years ago when JC got to her blue belt, she really realized how much she had learned and how much karate benefited her as a person. She learned to fight through sparring and has won a couple of competitions in Southern California, as well as Las Vegas. Now that her little sister, Natalie, is involved in karate, it has become a family thing. JC enjoys going in at least twice a week to train with the most knowledgeable people she knows, so she can become prepared for real-life situations. And thanks to all of them, she has had the opportunity to get a black belt herself.