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Jenifer Gibson

Jenifer Gibson is a 1st Degree Black Belt who trains at Bob White’s Karate School in Costa Mesa, CA. She started with American Kenpo under Mr. Daniel Rodarte in Whittier CA when she was in high school.  After seeing a demo featuring a female black belt, Jenifer wanted to emulate her tough but feminine style. After an earthquake damaged Mr. Rodarte’s studio, Jenifer dabbled in Shotokan and Tae Kwon Do before discovering a Shaolin Kenpo studio in Long Beach, CA under Mr. Mike Cataline. Jenifer trained for five years under Mr. Cataline, reaching the level of green belt, before the rigors of raising a young family became too hard of a schedule. 17 years later, Jenifer found Bob White’s Karate School and started again in American Kenpo in 2017. Five years later she achieved her black belt under Mr. White in March 2022.

In 2021 as a brown belt, Jenifer won two divisions of tournament kata, Traditional Forms and Creative Forms, and is looking forward to competing in more tournaments in the future. As a college professor, Jenifer enjoys teaching Philosophy and World Religions and she looks forward to also teaching Kenpo to the lower belt divisions.

When not training in karate, Jenifer supplements her income by working as a private investigator conducting surveillance and process service, as well as security and executive protection. She currently lives in Huntington Beach, CA with her two of her three sons who are still attending college, and their two cats.