Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow


Heather Flessing is a 4th degree black belt at Bob White’s Karate Studio in Costa Mesa, California.  She began her martial arts journey when she attended a women’s self-defense seminar at Bob White’s Karate Studio (BWKS) over 10 years ago.  The following year she attended another women’s self-defense seminar and fell in love with martial arts.  In 2010 Heather joined BWKS and began training in earnest. She has attended karate tournaments in Southern California and Nevada, achieving first place in sparring as well as forms in many of those tournaments. Heather is the staging coordinator for BWKS’s charitable karate tournament. In addition to being a Kenpoist, she also trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a blue belt.

Heather lives in Orange, California, with her husband Kevin, along with her three cats. She is a reading interventions teacher at an elementary school in the nearby city of Fullerton, and she loves teaching. Heather has taught child and adult classes at BWKS, as well as adult sparring classes. She has led women’s self-defense classes in an effort to share her knowledge with other women. In addition to being a teacher, Heather is an avid learner and has received her master degrees in both Education and Accountancy.