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Fred & Connie_Bell

To talk about Connie and Fred Bell’s Kenpo journeys would mean going back to the 70s when both of them started their Kenpo journey. Connie began training in the central valley town of Selma, California, while Fred started his training in the Orange County city of Anaheim, California. Though they were cities apart from each other, they both had the same desire in training in the martial arts, specifically Kenpo. Sensei Connie trained under David Jimenez,  under the LaBounty (RIP) lineage.  Sensei Fred trained under Art Ogawa under the lineage of Master Fred Brewster and Tony Sortar (RIP).

Connie and Fred’s journey together began in 2012 as they joined forces to run their school in Fresno, California. In 2023 their school is celebrating 15 years of having the school open to serve the Fresno community. They teach the original system of Ed Parker’s Kenpo, with several creative forms that they also teach to their students. They have a successful team that competes in tournaments, and that team includes their 10-year-old son who has competed most of his life.

They are proud of their students and the black belts that are under their lineage. The saying at their school is that “nothing is given, it’s always earned.”