Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow


Dee Swan is a New Jersey transplant-born again Texan who is a Senior Professor — a 7th degree black belt — under the National Chinese Kenpo Karate Association (NCKKA). She is a student of Gary Swan, who is the president of the NCKKA and owner for over 44 years of the Kenpo Karate school in Universal City, Texas. 

Dee and Gary have been married for 36 years, though Gary occasionally mutters, “Of all the karate joints in the world, you had to walk into mine…” They have one daughter who is married to an army police dog handler and three grandchildren.

Dee has a teaching certificate in History & Geography from Texas State University, is prior Air Force, and was a Combat Arms instructor. She has been training, teaching, and contributing in Kenpo for 38 years, teaching all ages and ranks. She assists Gary on the firing range for the Texas License-to-Carry Certification class, and serves, along with Gary, on their church’s security team.

She is a student and teacher of the Bible, having participated in several overseas mission trips, sharing the Gospel in Argentina, Peru, England, and the Island of Malta. 

Dee and Gary both ride Harley Davidson motorcycles and have ridden some of our nation’s most scenic and challenging roads.

Dee holds that what we do physically in the art must make sense in our minds, and that developing respectful, caring relationships is the foundation to effective learning.