Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow


Connie Bell started her journey in Kenpo in a small town in central California called Selma. Known as the raisin capital of the world, the city is located in the center of the Golden State.

When Connie Bell began her studies in 1973, she was seven years old and was following in the footsteps of her brother.  Selma Self Defense was her school, and her instructor was Sensei David Jimenez.  She was successful in local and state competitions, competing in weapons, empty hand kata, and kumite. She recalls that in those days gear was optional, and the girls always fought the boys.  She had the honor of testing for her black belt in 1981 twice, once under the direction of Sensei Jimenez, and again several months later in front of Sigung Stephen LaBounty.

Through the years she has taught at many places.  Not only did she teach at the Selma dojo, but she also taught at her home dojo, at the city and county boys and girls programs, and for the last 11 years, at a commercial dojo in Fresno that she runs together with her husband. 

She currently holds the rank of 7th degree black belt, Senior Professor.