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Ashley Sacrey

Ashley Sacrey is a 6th Degree black belt in Oki-Ryu Kenpo and trains at the Don Rodrigues Karate Academy in Warwick, Rhode Island. Her instructors are Shihan Don Rodrigues and Shihan Christine Bannon-Rodrigues. Her karate journey started at 8 years old when her grandfather gifted her karate lessons for her birthday. She continues her training because she can’t imagine a point in her life where karate was not part of it. She feels extremely lucky to be a part of such a great and supportive school and hopes to continue to pass on the knowledge she has learned to her students.

Aside from Kenpo, she also holds a 1st degree black belt in the America Open Sword System. She has competed primarily in the NASKA and Krane Ratings organizations in traditional forms and weapons for over 20 years. She has won numerous grand championships, along with State, National, and Overall Titles in her respective divisions.

Ashley lives in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with her incredibly supportive husband, Matthew, and rescue pup, Paisley. She is a Financial Quality Assurance Manager at Elligo Health Research and holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology. While karate is her lifelong passion, outside of the dojo her hobbies including baking, reading countless books, and spending her free time with her family and friends.