Kenpo Women’s Symposium
Helping Women Find Community and Grow


Mission Statement: To be known throughout the Kenpo world as a community that encourages one another to achieve collective goodwill for women in Kenpo through recognition, education, inspiration, and collaboration.

Welcome to the Women’s Symposium website. We operate alongside our friend, Kenpo Women, and we house past and present, as well as future symposiums. We are dedicated to Kenpo women as they pursue their journey in the martial arts. On this site we get the opportunity to hear from women as they address personal and everyday challenges unique to women in the martial arts. Martial arts has  predominantly been taught by men, but now more than ever, women are pursuing their dreams and finding success in martial arts. Women influence the martial arts. They own their own schools, have their own students, and positively influence the lives of others. It is time that we hear from and learn from our community of women. This site will introduce you to the many leaders we have in Kenpo. You will gain insight into their personal journeys and find that, though their experiences are uniquely theirs, we share similar challenges. Together, we can help each other. Thank you for visiting us.

Barbara White