We promote good Kenpo Martial Artists who happen to be women.  We are careful to acknowledge the distinction through recognition of excellence rather than to assign merit based on arbitrary condition.  All of our honorees have a common denominator, they have thrived in a male dominated art, excelled in their abilities to achieve greatness and earned the respect of fellow martial artists based solely on their abilities as teachers, mentors and strong, independent Kenpo Women.


We want to acknowledge the path these women have carved for future generations to come and provide a good resource of information to further the advance WOMEN IN KENPO as well as women in martial arts as a whole. It is the goal for this website to be used as a tool to help further women in their journey in Martial Arts.  We hope to provide the necessary support, physically and mentally through the stories of other women who have been exactly where you are now.


If there is someone that you feel you’d like to nominate for this page feel free to contact me



Andree Scanlon