My Name is Andree Scanlon, I created this site as part of my Black Belt Thesis.  I started karate in the late 90’s and got my yellow belt but moved up to Northern California. When I came back to Southern California I didn’t run back to the karate studio immediately, I waited a few years, then on a trip to Ireland with my family, my father and step mother suggested I return to the studio.  This was in April 2007, I was surrounded by Kenpoists on this trip, all encouraging me to give it a try – why not, Kenpo is in my blood..

It is now 2012, five years later, two torn ACL’s and many, many trials and tribulations both emotionally and physically, I am just days away from completing something that was once unimaginable in my eyes, reality is a wonderful thing, I have worked so hard to be here and am honored to have learned from such wonderful martial artists, so with that being said, there are some well deserved acknowledgments that have to be noted:

I am thankful to my husband, Sean Scanlon who started karate after me to impress both myself and my family –  he passed me up to achieve his well deserved black belt one year prior to my hopeful test,  Sean is always encouraging me, loving me with my insecurities (yes, we all have them) and has tirelessly been the ever-loving Solid Rock in my life, I love him more than words can say and have never been more thankful that we share our lives together!


At the studio, one of my first instructors Mr.  Vishal Shukla; we met in Ireland and formed a wonderful friendship that continues to grow, I respect Vishal as a great instructor and martial artist, but  most importantly a dear friend.  Over the last 2-1/2 years, I have been honored that Mr. Don Coursey has given me his Thursday nights, sometimes a half hour, other times an hour and a half, his patience for my learning curves and my incessant questions of Why this? and Why that? have not gone unnoticed.  He has pushed me to HIT HARDER.. which I have at his expense – you are a wonderful instructor and I also consider you my friend, thank you. There are many to thank,  my sister Alia White Cass who has pushed and pushed me to keep on  track and has helped me throughout the years to understand what it’s like to be Bob White’s daughter at the studio…. to Dr. Rod Smith, Virgil Bartolomucci, Gordon Alexander, Chad Gundlach, Karen Schuster, Tom Cammann, Jesse Salinas, Jamie Matthews, Jim McClure & Lyn Schenk who have all taken time to work with me and continue to be an asset to the studio and an inspiration to future black belts. To my little sister Stacie White, she’s not too far behind me and will no doubt be writing something in these lines in the next few years when she gets her Black Belt – keep it going sister!!!  Outside the studio, I thank my children, Derek, Stephen and Maegen and my grandchildren, you are my strength and always will be. Also want to thank my parents, The Elgar’s and Miller’s.. You are so very loved and I thank you for supporting me day in and day out.

My goal in creating this website is to honor women in Kenpo, one of the honoree’s is my step mother Barbara White, she has been a role model for me and I have a great respect for her strength, she sees a task at hand and stays focused to complete what ever it is she sets out to accomplish, Thank you Barb, you are a true inspiration to me and to all who know you.

Lastly, My heartfelt thanks goes to my father Bob White, this hasn’t been an easy road for either one of us, there’s not manual for father-daughter relationships at the karate studio is there? just wing it, and wing it we have, I know that our relationship has grown so much since I returned to the studio in 2007, I am so thankful for that and for you.  We can only grow closer from here on out, I can’t wait to see what our next chapter will be.  I love you.


Me in a nutshell:

Kenpo is my lifestyle and my future, but I also have a life outside of karate, aside from my days at work, I love to spend time with my family and friends, read, relax on the beach, run, hike, backpack with our dog Sierra and travel the world with the love of my life.  I work to play, and I love to live.  Thanks for taking the time to read my little bio.