Live-Healthy-402x300What motivates you? What inspires you?


Note: For months now, I’ve been focusing on healthy living and eating. The Kenpowomen site was created as a platform for positive reinforcement and to be a place where women can go for any topic.  Lately, I haven’t been writing per se about Kenpo, such as techniques, forms or any politics for that matter, this site more about the life inside and outside of Kenpo as well as honoring women who have made a positive impact on our art.  Kenpo is very much a part of my life, I teach two days a week, and I still have privates with my instructor weekly.  I will only focus on positive aspects of everyday living, whether that be karate, food, exercise or recovery from an injury because that’s what we do.. we multi-task, we train, learn from others and hopefully with all of these experiences we become a better martial artist by living a healthier lifestyle.  If I can make an impact on one person by helping to change their lifestyle for the better, then I’ve succeeded in my goal in the creation of this site.

So what does Motivate and inspire you?

I’ve been listening to a podcast on Paleo eating – NomNom Paleo, Sean thinks that nothing could be worse than listening an hour long podcast on healthy eating, I disagree.  This got me thinking about why I do the things I do. (of course it also helped with what I’m making for dinner tomorrow night) In the past, I’ve written about goals and how important they are to me, but not why I’m so motivated and inspired to do so.  So, why do I push myself?    The answer boils down to two words Quality & Longevity.  I’m selfish in wanting my husband to do the same thing because I want to live a long life with him.    Quality and Longevity equals Opportunities and Challenges in every form.

This past weekend I met a gentleman who’s name is Rudy , he is 92 years old.  In his pocket there were two folded up pieces of paper,  the first was a picture of him 2 years ago hiking at a high elevation in the Eastern Sierras (at 90 years old).  He is headed up there again in a couple of days to do some more hiking.  The second picture was of him hiking in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico. If I heard him right, one of his secrets to longevity is that he walked 5 miles per day, though recently he’s reduced it to 3 miles a day.  This amazes me.  He’s in great healthy shape at 92 and he’s proud of it, he wears his good health like a badge of honor, as he should.

To test myself this week, I’ve walked 5 miles each day.  It’s only Thursday, I’m up 20 miles, but I found that I’m enjoying my hour and a half in the mornings or late at night by not being connected to my screens, I’m listening to my podcasts, or music, or maybe just walking in silence with the only sounds being my feet on the gravel.  This is important time for me.   (I’ll add, that walking is harder than running in my opinion, it makes me slow down which I’m not used to doing)..   Rudy has something here, and from what I see he’s living proof that if you physically treat yourself right, you’ll be re-paid with a long healthy life. (obviously this doesn’t happen with everyone…… but you get the gist of it)

My few readers know that I did a Whole 30 back in March through April.  This kick started my healthy way of eating. I found that afterwards, when I wasn’t on a strict regimented eating schedule, that I tend to cheat much much more than what I should and I would basically fluctuate with in 5lbs of my ideal weight, never quite getting where I want to be.  Monday I was very serious about completing this week with ZERO cheats.. not one ounce of carbs, dairy, processed foods, dangerous additives and no alcohol.  This morning (Thursday) I got on the scale and holy shit!!!  135lbs.  My drivers license weight.  This morning I posted on FB that I had hit that milestone and it was a big one, it felt good to tell everyone who would listen, I love sharing good news.

My husband isn’t fully on board with Paleo lifestyle and I understand,  he has to make his own decisions, but he’s been tolerant of my week long paleo challenge.  Shhhhh, next week, we’ll do the same thing.

To answer the question above, “what motivates you?”  I’ll tell you what motivates me, LIFE.  There’s so much to do and never enough time to do it in.  I’d love to have 40 years of healthy retirement. Hiking, moving, LIVING!  In order for me to do this I have to create these opportunities like walking 5 miles a day, going to the studio to workout, keeping my brain fresh by learning new things, spreading the knowledge that I have to anyone who will listen as well as living with the challenges and roadblocks of everyday life.   I’m inspired by people like Rudy who has this thirst to explore and try new things even at 92.

Bob Dylan wrote:  “May your hands always be busy, may your feet always be swift, may you have a strong foundation, when the winds of changes shift.  May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb on every rung – and may you stay forever young” 


Last night, I was around a group of very nice women discussing menopause and relating to everything in that conversation even though I’m not quite there.  This made me smile and cry at the same time.  I’m MOTIVATED and INSPIRED to be forever young at any age.