My daughter Maegen and I were discussing today at lunch what it is that I’m going to “treat” myself to on Friday.  She went down the list of the food items that I love so much. Pho, sushi, Indian, Thai.. I couldn’t pick one thing that I was craving!  Not one.  This speaks some serious words, words of commitment and a strong desire in continuing to live this healthy lifestyle.  I love the way I feel.  I have an incredible amount of energy, my complexion has cleared up and I’m getting so many comments from people who say that I just look great.  I believe them, because that IS how I feel.

For those who know me, you know that I socially drink though sometimes I just drink to relax after a long or rough day, not a ton, but usually a glass of Jameson or a 1-2 glasses of Wine in the week and the weekends are filled with Friday, Saturday and Sunday of cocktails.  I’ve found that as I near the end of my 30 day challenge, I’m getting kind of nervous about drinking again.  I don’t want to fall into the same old habits that I was so comfortable in.  I love my wine, I love my Jameson.  Alcoholism and addiction run rampant through my blood.  I know that if I’m not careful, I’ll get sucked into that trap of addiction, whether it be drinking or even back to the “wonderful” food that I ate prior to starting this challenge, it’s all so very damaging.  So while I am not going to stop drinking entirely, I did do some research about what kind of drinking I can do while staying true to my new way of life.  I hear so many people say “I love my wine at night”, so I couldn’t possibly do the challenge you’re on.   I’ve heard myself say that multiple times.  I love the way it relaxes me, but I also know that part of my problem for not dropping any weight (no matter how hard I worked out)  is because of the sugars in the alcohol. After reading lots of articles on what “Paleo” friendly or Gluten free alcohol is, click on the links to follow post and you decide.   The Ultimate Paleo Guide puts some prespective as to what’s “good” and what’s bad.   The Paleo Effect also provides a a good guide that I like much better than the first, but only because of the variety.   The two articles read something entirely different,  the common denominator though, is Hard Apple Cider (I’ve never been a  fan of Hard Cider..ha ha)

It’s low in Sugar and is fermented apples.  So, when I socially drink, I intend on sticking to the  organic cider and maybe a Dirty Martini once in a while.. and for  special, SPECIAL occasions our favorite: Hart Wine.   Drinking is such a social part of my life, but I don’t want it to be my life, I think in todays society, it is for many people.  Sadly my drink of choice, Jameson, is out of me.


Challenge: None

Triumph: living and breathing healthy



Meal 1: steak and eggs, 1/2 orange, coffee

Meal 2: Mother’s Kitchen -1 baked yam with guacamole topping – freshly made juice / Carrot, Beet, Lemon and Ginger – Water

Meal 3: Zucchini noodles with left over steak and onion in a creamy coconut green curry sauce.

No snacks today – the yam helped me out with the tough workout and walk today (I’m sure of it).  I still have energy at 10:30pm)


Exercise:  Crossfit Class + 7 mile walk