Disneyland and California Adventure are places where there’s sweets on every corner, fried chicken, churros, diet sodas and a whole lot of EVERYTHING that I can’t eat.

Today was incredibly beautiful.  Sean and i got up early and headed over to Disneyland at 8:30am.  Sunday mornings are the time to go.  The park is at half to a quarter capacity, everyone is fresh and ready for the day, no kids are crying, not too hot, just perfect.  That was our day,  perfect.     Sean forgot his phone and I limited the use of my phone too, it was refreshing to check out for a time .  We went on the canoes and managed to paddle around Tom Sawyer’s Island.. (that’s a good workout if you actually paddle), I did suggest to Sean that we go one more time to even out the workout to each arm, he politely declined.   We ran into Sean’s Step sister Lindsey and our niece Maddie too, it was great to have lunch with them.

Speaking of lunch, we went to a restaurant in Downtown Disney called Tortilla Joe‘s I had it in my mind to eat some fajitas. When the chips and salsa arrived at the table and it didn’t even cross my mind if they were salted or  warm.. it just didn’t matter.  The server listened to my questions, checked with the chef and I ordered the  grilled-chicken fajitas and sautéed veggies (olive oil).  Great lunch, I ate every bit of it.

Overall, such a great day.  We explored areas that were unchartered territory to us throughout CA Adventure, went and sat in the lobby at the CA Adventure Hotel and listened to the pianist pay a few tunes and had seltzer water with lime.

Challenge:  No Challenges:

Triumph: great day with my husband

Observation: habits are easy to make, good or bad.  I’m focusing on the good

Meal 1: Sweet potato hash, 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 orange – coffee water

Meal 2: Tortilla Joe’s – as said above

Meal 3 – citrus-garlic marinated steak, brussell sprouts, green beans with a chimichurri sauce


Exercise: walked 5.92 miles.