Happy Friday, I hope that you’ve had a great week and are ready to get this weekend started.  My week has been full and that’s a good thing.  Not a lot to report.  Friday night means dinner out.  I want fish and chimichurri sauce..


2 hours later: I wish I didn’t go out tonight.  The 1st Friday of each month in Fullerton is ArtWalk.  We’ve been going for years, it’s a very social atmosphere and it’s always good to see friends you haven’t seen in a while.  We went to El Amerikano, Sean and I had gone there at the beginning of my Whole 30 – the fish was great and the chimichurri sauce was amazing.  I ordered the same thing, as last time, and also added the Cauliflower Fritas – what are fritas? I just saw cauliflower and omitted the cheese and any other ingredient that would be non compliant.  The appetizer arrived, it was dark at the table, I popped two in my mouth, they were amazing – too amazing.  I looked down and further examined my plate – they were all breaded.. I couldn’t believe it, I was so careless.  I immediately moved the plate out of my way and upset myself to the point of tears.. (it’s a full moon).  It wasn’t a sob, it was the taste of sheer disappointment that came in the form of a tear.    Silly yes, but until you’ve gone 24 days on a strict regimen, doing everything in your power to stay on track, and you unintentionally sabotage yourself.. you’ll not understand.  So, here’s my funky mood settling in.  My dinner plate arrives, fish with chimichurri sauce and salad… the salad and a dressing on it with cheese.  ugh.  I tossed that too.  Rough night in the food department.  When I got home, I did a little research on the Whole30 webpage:  All’s not lost:   Here’s an exert: I’m good… I’m moving on – starting over is out of the question, not with 6 days left.

If you find yourself cracking out on (approved) nut butter or fruit one day, no harm, no foul. Just realize you’re probably trying to satisfy a craving, and make a plan to do something different the next time you’re stressed. If you accidentally ate something off-plan (despite your best efforts!), it’s okay. Lesson learned, either start over or just move on—it’s always up to you. If you can’t afford organic or grass-fed at this time, you’re still nourishing your body with whole, healthy foods, and that’s something you should be immensely proud of. – See more at: http://whole30.com/2014/01/perfect-whole30/#sthash.blMiqGR1.dpuf

I can’t believe how I let it effect me. I’m so sorry to my husband (the man truly loves me) and I’m thankful to my support group who listened and understood me..  you know who you are! My favorite quote of the night is from my husband: “you can’t let 2 pieces of cauliflower set you off on a downward death spiral”   FUN TIMES.

If you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll know that I worked out pretty hard in the squat department.. I’m feeling it today, walking’s tough and certainly stairs are challenging.  I’m going to stretch out the best I can  tomorrow morning, but usually day 2 is the worst for soreness.. (this is day 1).  So, I’m running a 5K race tomorrow, it’s to raise money to find a cure for Melanoma- http://icuremelanoma5k.org – will I be able to run???? I hope so, if not, I’ll walk it..


Challenge:  controlling emotion

Triumph: HMMM..


Meal 1: Avocado wrapped in prosciutto, 1 orange, 1 cup of coffee

Meal 2: salad with yamm hash browns and 2 over easy eggs  (this was a yummy lunch)

Meal 3 – fish and seltzer water… disaster.


Exercise: None