Busy days go by fast, just the way I like it.  The boss was in town from New York and we had a full day of driving, visiting customers and review.  I can’t complain, it was all good.

When I got home from work, the temperature outside was 98 degrees so what better weather than to take the puppies to the HB Dog Beach? When we got there, the car read 70 degrees, crazy how 18 miles to the ocean can differ so much in temperature. .. I almost needed a jacket.

Sierra and Shooter were so happy as you can see in this picture. Shooter can chase after that ball for hours..


Meal 1:  1 Aidell’s sausage and 1 egg wrapped “burrito” coffee and Synergy Kumbucha

Meal 2: In and Out double double, no cheese, fried mustard wrapped in lettuce, tomato, pickles and plain – water (two days in a row @ In and Out, it gets better every time)  – water with lemon

snack: 1 date

Meal 3: I mentioned to Sean about the burger, he wanted one.  So, he grilled up 1 burger with green chilies and sweet potato curly fries (fresh)…   water

I think I’m missing some greens from my diet today, I’ll make up for that tomorrow.





technically none.  But i will say that my phone said I did a whole lot of moving today, especially the hour I played at the beach with the dogs. I bought my chair to sit and listen to the waves, but never sat down.