Happiness is feasting on foods that you love.  I’ve mentioned before that I love Asian food of any kind.  Tonight I spent a few extra minutes in the kitchen and made an incredible Coconut Shrimp Curry with cauliflower rice.  It was like “coming home.”  Dinner was amazing.

I’ve had a shift in thinking.  Always, in our everyday lives, eating out is so much easier and convenient.   While on the Whole 30 I find that being home is much more convenient and more importantly, desirable.  I have control over what I’m eating and I’m not at the mercy of the restaurants menu and the chef’s ingredients.  I’m also sadly am no longer craving sushi.  I had sashimi a couple of weeks ago and with no soy sauce, no lemon and a dry salad really put a sour taste in my mouth (literally).  So while I’m on a no soy sauce regimen, going to a sushi place is completely out.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that a little package arrived today via Amazon.  We bought a Spiralizer, I’m so excited to have “noodles” again and I can’t wait to start using it.  It also will allow me to make sweet potato curly fries.. this is exciting news.  (I’m feeling like I live a very boring life).  Family, Work, Food, Workout and repeat.

Challenge: While writing my blog about food and exercise.  I watch the news in Baltimore.  My heart goes out to their citizens, all of them. Rioting, violence and looting won’t solve this very serious problem and I believe that 99% of Baltimore know that. Peaceful protest yes, if I were there, I’d be there with them on Sunday.

Triumph:  successful dinner and workout


Meal 1: Sautéed spinach, Adele’s Chicken Sausage, 1/2 orange – black coffee

snack: 1 date

Meal 2: Tuna, Egg, Olives and Guacamole in a coconut wrap – water

Meal 3:  Coconut Shrimp Curry with cauliflower fried rice – water and Kumbucha



Fullerton Structured Crossfit.  I gave Brian our coach my camera, and he took some shots of the workout.  I was smiling after the 1st 200 yards and 20 burpee ball slams… not so much afterwards.

I will say that eating healthy and exercising go hand in hand.  I am a very active person, I’m non stop, but while I was eating bad and drinking a lot of alcohol, my body didn’t change.  I ran 4 half marathons in the past year, trained for them by running sometimes daily, but my body weight stayed the same.  Until I started this program three weeks ago, I didn’t see change.  I’m now seeing it, feeling it and living it.   When I tell people that I’m on this strict regimen, I hear from so many that “there’s no way I could do that”.  I’ve heard myself say those exact words, yet here I am.  8 more days to go and it’s not the end.  Instead, it’s the beginning and I’m ready for it.