9 beautiful hours of sleep got me ready for a busy day today!

9 more days and this little challenge will come to an end… but will it? What I’ve learned so far is that eating healthy isn’t really that hard.  Let me tell you what it takes: commitment, dedication and a little effort to not be overcome by food boredom.  It also takes support.  Support from anyone who will give it.  So far, I’ve had only a few “off” days, but I haven’t cheated on the food, not once.  I’ve been 100% compliant.

Now, part of the Whole30 challenge is to not weigh yourself. Today, while at the doctor’s office, I had to step on the scale.  Sean hid the weight from me, the nurse noted it, I stepped down.. looked back and it was still on the digital screen, so while I maybe couldn’t have looked back.. it was just something that happened, usually when you step off of a scale, it goes back to Zero… it didn’t.  SOOOO.. I shouldn’t know this, but I do.  I’ve lost 9 lbs.. Holy Wow!!

So… if I don’t move in my weight over the next 10 days, I’ll actually be ok.  I still have more to go, but this certainly has kickstarted my future program.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s going to happen after my Whole30 is over.  What am I going to do?  I am nervous, I’ll admit,  I’m nervous to fall back into my old ways and get sucked in to bad habits.  I’ve been sheltered by blogging every day, by being held accountable for every bite that goes into my mouth, by having the support that I’ve had with the ladies who are doing it with me and from everyone who has been reading this blog.   I did a little research on the Paleo Diet and  it might be the closest to what we’re currently doing now.   I’ve been using a lot of online resources, one of them is the website Nom Nom Paleo, I bought the cook book and also read the explanation of what Paleo really is and I like it (click on this to read the article).  I’m not saying that I’m swearing off all of my loved foods and alcohol forever, but I will limit my cheat foods to special occasions and in doing so, I will satisfy those cravings, but hopefully the less I do it, the more they will disappear.  I’m excited and even more motivated to get to my goal weight and continue on this path of a healthy lifestyle.

Challenge:  Not eating my breakfast twice

Triumph: Pushing through my workout while totally distracted by work (thanks Barb for keeping me focused)


Meal 1:  Sweet Potato Hash with over-easy eggs and Coffee.  I love to brag about successful recipes – this one blew me away and it was so simple.  highly recommend trying this.

Meal 2: In and Out double double, no cheese, no sauce, protein style.  water

Drink: Synergy Kombucha – yumm.. these have grown on me.

Meal 3: Crockpot Chicken (thanks Lily for the idea) broccoli. Water and bedtime tea



Monday Bootcamp – Cross Fit Cindy with TRX – 5 Pull-ups, 10 Atomic push ups 15 jump squats, AMRAP 20 MIN.  + 150 sit ups –