11 hours of traveling today.   I would have been home earlier but when an opportunity of a $500 voucher came, I jumped on it.  I had to weigh in my time vs the $$. We have some traveling to do this year, so arriving 5 hours later than anticipated equaled to $100 per hour.. that works for a Sunday. My day consisted of a long taxi ride from West Palm Beach to Miami… sitting in the airport, then the long fight home.  I’m going to bed early for sure.. just have to wait for Game of Thrones to end.


Challenge: sitting on the plane watching movie calls for snacks.

Triumph: I had nuts and a Lara Bar


Meal 1: Banana – 1 cup of coffee

Meal 2: New York Steak and veggies + salad

Meal 3: Flame Broiler – Chicken and veggies