2 weeks!!!!!  This calls for celebration!  What shall I do?  I know, I’ll get out of my comfort zone just a bit more and head on over to the local Korean Spa for a body scrub and massage. Why not? I’ve earned it.  I have never been in a Korean spa.. I’ve had a few massages here and there from some great masseuse’ but I’ve never been so naked or exposed in front of complete strangers and surprisingly enough this felt OK.   I am clean make no mistake about that, every inch of my body was scrubbed, scrubbed some more and scrubbed some more, there is no modesty in Korean body scrubs and massage. I had a chance to think a bit about the whole process of cleansing.  The Whole30 is an internal cleanse, I’ve been working on this for the past 2 weeks and feel relatively comfortable with the routine that I’m settling into. But heading over to the Korean Day spa wasn’t an easy decision, I’ve been toying with it for a couple of years – yes YEARS.. so now,  I thought that since I’ve been working diligently on the inside, that the outside should come next.  I’m so glad that I did it and will definitely go back to, what a great experience.  If anyone would like to see what it’s like, have a look at this Conan with Steven Yeun (my favorite from Walking Dead)



I did have the opportunity to go into the Red Clay Ball Room, the Salt Room and the ultra violet room. We live in such a busy world. Never having opportunities to relax. These rooms are QUIET,and while I was on a time constraint, I did lay in those red clay balls and counted to 180. Yup. That’s all I gave myself, 3 min of silence. I need more.


Today was celebration day.

Meal 1: Smoothie – kale, blueberries, peach and coconut milk
Meal 2: Flame broiler / chicken and veggies no rice
Meal 3: Turkey burger, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with white potato – Water

6 miles