I have to quit!  That’s right, I said it. I have to quit thinking about the foods I can’t eat.  My mindset must change to what I can eat instead.  This will bring much more happiness to Friday nights.

Such an important part of our lives is dining out.  Tonight we are home making a healthy dinner on the BBQ and I’m going to pot plants.  So different than a normal Friday night.  My attitude started to sour earlier, I did a taxi drop off to Disneyland, bought Maegen Pho Soup as she’s not feeling well, then Sean popped open a beer (it’s been a long week, I TOTALLY get it).  I’m wanting to do something, something other than being home, like go to the beach to watch the sunset, or go hike Mt. Waterman in Wrightwood.  I need to move and be active.  So I was heading down a path of self pity and adopted the attitude of “what the hell am I doing?” again.   I might still be there but I shifted when Sean opened up a jar of Bubbies Kosher Dill Pickles and smiled, pickle juice does wonders for me, always has.. I smiled back and literally laughed to myself and him that I could fall into a bad state of mind so quickly.   Yes, I’m weird and it’s the little triggers that can set me off.

Other than the psychological aspect of “Friday night”.. I’m feeling great!  I’m clear headed and over all, I’m pretty damn positive.  I’m human for sure, make no mistake about that, I will have moments of weakness,  that’s why I’m writing about it.

It’s an incredibly beautiful evening, I certainly hope you’re out enjoying this weather and celebrating that you’ve made it through another work week.  Have a glass of wine for me (except Jan, Lily and Robyn, WATER FOR YOU)  XOX


Challenge: Friday night’s are hard, I will admit

Triumph: Pickle Juice

Observation:  I take much less selfies of Sean and myself while eating healthy and not drinking.


Meal 1 – sautéed spinach w/ 1 egg – coffee

Meal 2 – grilled chicken salad with tomato and avocado – 1 cutie

Meal 3 – grilled hamburger (grass fed and 90/10 lean)   La Croix


Exercise: TBD if any