I read an article today about Mindful Consumption. 

This made me think about how much we consume in life in general, from water bottles, to water, electricity, gas, trash, to even our daily intake of food that we put into our bodies.  We are over consumers to the extreme in every aspect – As a society, we are so wasteful.  As a small example, we take our food in ToGo containers and the box sits in the fridge until it goes bad, we throw it out.  I’m guilty of this, makes me want to bring tupperware to dinner.

The more I’m on this eating challenge, the more aware I am about the qualities of food that I used consume.  I’ve always thought that I am cognizant of what I eat, I might not be diligent in keeping up with diets or sticking to one regime for a long period of time, but when I decide to “eat healthy”  I think for the most part, I am? with a cheat day here and there. But the reality is, we mindlessly consume unhealthy ingredients all of the time and we don’t even know it.  Now, I’m not swearing off those ingredients forever (only for 30 days) though this has given me a heightened awareness as to what we should be eating verses what we actually eat, it’s really opened my eyes.   To watch for every additive and ingredient on the labels has become an interesting ritual for me while shopping.  I find myself at the store a lot longer than normal.  I am so mindful of what I’m putting into my body now, that the challenge itself can almost be enjoyable as I’m watching a transformation take place.

So, I’m feeling pretty good today.  Reality has set in that I’m in for the long haul, my mood is healthy and positive and I’m ready to see what tomorrow brings.

Healthier skin




Challenge: Fresh Breath (not that I have bad breath, but when you visit customers for a living and are in sales…. you must not smell). I can’t chew gum or eat candy..  I decided that I’d search for a spray of some kind.  I’m not sure if it’s 100% compliant, but  I did find a peppermint based spray with no sugar added.  I figured even if it did, what does our toothpaste have in it? I haven’t changed that, so I’m going to roll with it and spray away to fresh smelling breath!

Triumph:  Found the spray at Mother’s – and all munchie feelings are gone


Meal 1 – 2 eggs + 1/2 avocado 1 cup of coffee

Meal 2 – mushy cauliflower with tomato salad and grilled chicken

Meal 3 – Grilled pork and salad, asparagus – La Croix ( I love this stuff)




1 HOUR OF HELL…. (Just kidding, I really enjoyed it)   Fullerton Structured Crossfit