Day 8, I think I’m in the middle of days 6-8 on the timeline- I’m, tired and hungry, feeling blah and big!!!

Today was the first day that I said “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” I knew there would be days like this and I’m surprised that at day 8,  REGRET revealed it’s tiny little head, I thought maybe a little sooner?  Today was one of those days where my stomach just seemed empty all day.  I ate my normal 3 meals.. but in between, I snacked a little (only on whole 30 approved items), but none the less, I felt like I was in a grazing mode.. I didn’t like that feeling at all.




Challenges: eating the house

Triumph: not eating the house


Meal 1: poached eggs, salad and smoked salmon  Coffee

Meal 2: cucumber avocado cilantro salad with coconut wrap, banana

snack: Lara Bar and macadamia nuts, kumbucha

Meal 3: Sashimi and seared tuna salad, plain – tried Coconut aminos, i bought my own bottle… no soy allowed on this challenge..   Water

Exercise: None