Day 7!! Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun!  Thankfully, writing each day has helped me stay focused and accountable.

Tuesdays, my day of no plans after work.  Right now, I’m listening to the wind chimes and the birds outside my kitchen window.  Light breeze. no tv, no music.. just silence.  I enjoy evenings like this.

Went to the doctor today regarding the swollen lip episode on Saturday morning, it’s always discouraging to find out that you have a chronic condition and there’s just no answer to the problem.  I’ve known this for a while, but after the pine nuts, I thought there might be an answer to my hives and allergic reactions.. but alas, no.  What I have is called Chronic Urticaria Angioedema, apparently there’s a name for “I really don’t know what’s wrong with you” ha! I’m not alone – there are many like me.  My autoimmune system reacts to different environments. and not in a positive way; not life threatening, just annoying more than anything.  I’ve been armed with the proper medication to where if this happens again, I won’t need to go to the emergency room, just to the pharmacy to load up on steroids. Great news!  well, kinda. Who knows, with my diet changing, this might get rid of it.   A girl can hope.

I got on the scale today while at the doctor’s office.  I didn’t look, but Sean did.  I lost weight.. great news. I know it’s water weight, but it feels good to know that I’m headed in the right direction.  I’m eating healthy and obtaining the goal that I’m striving towards, who could ask for anything more?

News flash: I’ve discovered Kombucha, it’s really an acquired taste, but it’s not so bad when you get used to it.

My daughter mentioned that this is living food, probiotics. It really sounded disgusting the way she explained it, but this is approved on the Whole30 and I’m beginning to like it, not every day, more like every once in a while.

I’ve checked in with my partners in crime.. Sending out a special congratulations to Jan and Lily,  you’ve lasted 1 week on this adventure and I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you’ll complete this challenge with flying colors. Also we had an add on, Robyn who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know better via messenger, she’s just completed DAY 4 and is working the vegetarian plan.  Great job!!!

Challenge:  No challenge

Triumph: reacquainting myself with the kitchen…. and dishes


Meal 1 – Sautéed spinach 1 egg on top /  1 cup coffee

Meal 2 – Cucumber Avocado salad with tuna, cilantro and lime *note worthy mention, what a fantastic salad!!! water

Meal 3 – red snapper with asparagus and sweet potato



Used the Juicer, found a delicious recipe for Beet-Carrot- Apple Juice for my sister Alia, had a taste, it was pretty good.  Had some apples and left over carrots, juiced those and now have a reserve in the fridge.  Sean bought me that juicer for Christmas, never used it.  I’m not a fruit eater, so this is a good way to get in the required fruits..  I’ll be experimenting with vegetables too now that I know how to use the machine.



Crossfit class @ 6:30 am