MONDAYS!! Who dislikes Mondays ? Anyone who works Monday – Friday has to think for at least one moment, Monday’s Suck. 

I know I have in the past though I didn’t feel that way this morning.   I woke up relatively pleased to start the day. I felt good. I felt thankful.  Thankful that I woke up next to my best friend / wonderful husband, I felt thankful to have a great job, thankful that we are healthy.  I have much to be thankful for.

Normal work day, busy which is good.  I always look forward to my Monday workouts with Barb, she pushes me, I appreciate that, though probably not at the moment I’m being pushed, but afterwards, always!  We ran 2 1/2 miles and did some Tabatta abs.  Lots of work!    I taught the kids class tonight, afterwards, my student Tamara tested for her purple belt – I’m very proud of her.  Overall successful day – I’M BEAT!!!

Exert from Whole 30


Days 6-7: I just want a nap…

Okay, so its day 6 and you made it through the last phase without smiting anyone. The thing is, today you don’t feel like you could smite anyone if your life depended on it! It’s 10 am and all you can think about is crawling under your desk for a catnap. As the day drags on, the surface of your desk is morphing, from hard wooden surface to snuggly warm pillow, right before your eyes. You hit the gym, but only halfheartedly, unable to face the barbell with any kind of conviction. You crawl into bed at 8 p.m. only to drag yourself out eleven hours later feeling no more rested than you did the night before.

So what’s the deal?! Isn’t eating like this supposed to increase energy levels? Yes…in the long run. Right now, your body is learning that it can’t rely on all those easy access energy sources it used to know and love. Gone are the days of cinnamon crunch muffins and Frappuccinos. Now your body is learning to efficiently burn fat and protein as its fuel sources, and that takes more effort – and some time. If you can hold out just a bit longer, you’ll definitely reap the benefits. (Besides, you could probably use a day off from the gym anyway, right?)

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This didn’t apply to me today, well not entirely.. while I’m tired and maybe lacking some energy, no naps and I wasn’t too drained…. but, it’s 8:45 and if I had it my way, I’d be in bed right now. (so maybe a little) 

Challenge: Mondays = Pho Soup for lunch (no rice allowed)

Triumph: I made it another day ??


Meal 1 – Over easy egg, 1 banana – 1- 1/2 cup coffee

Meal 2 – grilled salmon, 1 cup broccoli  – water

Meal 3 – Lemon Artichoke Slow Cooked Chicken – 1 cup broccoli and cauliflower – La Croix Grapefruit




Run, Abs, Teaching kids class

( I just saw this commercial on TV)  Loved it. Not a Nike endorsement…   it’s more about finding motivation to keep going!