I didn’t do yoga though I should have

Saturday turned out to be the most problematic day since starting this new program.  I’m being incredibly diligent on my food, drink and even exercise.  I had even planned on running Angels Baseball 5K being at the stadium at 6:00 for early registration… but on our walk last night, I felt a twinge of swelling on my lower lip.  I thought, bummer, I’m going to get a cold sore, I do get those periodically.  Didn’t think too much of it, finished up writing about Day 3, then went to bed.  At around 2:30, I woke up to a swollen lip, like I’d been popped in the mouth.  Obvious allergic reaction or the beginning of my hives and swollen eyes that I’ve been dealing with over the last 6 months.. yaaa.. so. I took two Zyrtec and went back to sleep.

And then……… this happened!! 

I’m assuming that it’s Pine nuts from last night’s salad?  Who knows, I’ve had them before, but never have I had anything like this.. sorry everyone, this is a scary face!   Went to urgent care, got a lovely shot in the bum and I’m am on Benadryl too, will also be tapering down with a weeks worth additional steroids.  Fun Times.  My swollen lip is somewhat back to normal, at least I don’t look like I’ve had 1/2 of an injection and the doctor forgot to do the upper lip anymore.  Some women pay good money for their lips to be this big….. I saw one of those at Lowes today…So, the cause?  seriously, who knows, but I’m staying clear of pine nuts until I get tested for them.

So, today was rough, I didn’t run, was at Urgent Care, I was cranky.. Poor Sean.

In the timeline – days 4-5

Exert from Whole 30

Days 4-5: Kill ALL the things!


Day 4 dawns and you tentatively step out of bed, expecting to feel like you took a strike from Thor’s hammer in the temple. Instead, your head is surprisingly clear. Your limbs all feel functional. This could be a good day! You walk into the kitchen and as you’re greeted by the smiling face of your significant other you are suddenly overcome…with the desire to punch them in the face for smiling this early in the morning. Congratulations! You’ve made it to day 4.

Now, I have no clue why this phase happens, or why it happens here (and not on, say, day 14).* I just know that it happens. Often. Even experienced Whole30ers (myself included) go through this phase. Every nerve is lit, temperance is non-existent and the only solution to the problem seems to be to Kill All of the Things.

This phase, too, will pass. Beg your spouse, children, parents, co-workers, for patience and forgiveness – as nicely as you can (and no, “shut up and leave me alone!” does not count as nice). Take a deep breath and eat some sweet potatoes. I promise, you’ll feel better soon.

*It’s probably because your brain is never very happy when you tell it that it CAN’T have something, and take it out of it’s habitual and accustomed comfort zone. An unhappy brain is a stressed brain, an anxious brain, a fearful brain. No to mention your hormones are desperately trying to keep up with your new food choices, your gut is trying to heal, you’ve had a headache for the last three days, and you REALLY MISS YOUR DIET COKE. So yeah, maybe we do know why this is happening now…

– See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/01/whole30-timeline/#sthash.hcLQ88bG.dpuf


So, short story, if you skipped through the blue text, I wasn’t the most pleasant, but I wasn’t the worst I could have been, so that’s good. Truth: I could have stayed on the sofa all day and watched one movie after another.  Instead, we headed out and shopped.  

Challenge:  Day 4 – glad it’s over – I did find my challenge from Day three – PICKLES  @ Mother’s Kitchen


Meal 1 – ate late due to urgent care – couldn’t keep food or liquid in my mouth until swelling went down.. lol   Eggs, 1/2 avocado, 1 cup coffee, 2 scrambled eggs 1/2 banana + I missed champagne today, substituted with La Croix, ice and 3 blackberries

Meal 2 – dined out in a normal restaurant.  Rare Steak with 2 poached eggs and zucchini (I didn’t eat the green beans) – Iced tea

snack – dried organic apples

Meal 3 – Lean ground beef on lettuce with baked Brussel sprouts


I feel like I ate a little too much today, not sure if that’s the case but I stuck to all of the allowed ingredients none the less.

4397 steps only – once in a while I’ll do nothing and with the way I was feeling today… that’s what happened – though throughout the day my phone says I walked 2.18 miles.  Tomorrow I’ll make up for this somehow…… maybe a bike ride? Thanks for reading.