When I woke up this morning, I was excited to begin this 30 day challenge, I thought to myself: I have full intention on completing this and failure is not an option. It’s incredible when you set your mind to something and to put it into place. Only good things to come.

I planned on blogging how I felt through this process and I started thinking what about what kind of content I’d put on this site,  after all, this is KENPOWOMEN, but what does that mean?  You may think to yourself; What does 30 days of eating clean have to do with Kenpo?  Here’s my take on it.  In my martial arts journey, I’ve learned many things and as a black belt,  I strive to continue to learn more and more on a daily basis.  The more I challenge myself, whether it be in karate, running, fitness or eating healthy, the more I discipline myself  to start what I finish.  Karate means Empty Hands, but that can be looked at metaphorically too..  You must use your brain, wit and drive challenging yourself to make good decisions whether it be on the streets  in a dangerous situation or when it’s in your kitchen putting good healthy food into your body… it’s preparation leading to preservation.

This site was created as a platform to honor women in Kenpo.. Their lives, their stories.  This is my story for the next 30 days . I hope that I’ll be able to motivate someone to make challenges for themselves and stick to them.  If it means showing up for class in Karate, Crossfit, or running a few miles even when you don’t want to, it means that you are doing what you say you’re going to do.. Do what you say… say what you do!  “easy peasy, lemon squeezy” (quote from my 6 year old grandson)  So when the question comes up as to why I’m posting my Whole30 daily progress on a Kenpowomen Webpage.. the answer is, because I can.

So, DAY 1 COMPLETE!  it’s 11:00pm.. I’m wide awake.  On a normal day, I exercise, eat somewhat healthy, have dinner and have a glass of wine or Jameson that would put me to sleep by 8:30…  my winding down will have be be writing.. I’ll probably start reading a book..or learning my Spanish again.

Today’s Challenge: Eating out for lunch.  I’ve never been much of a planner when it comes to food, so I’ll train myself to plan ahead.  So today I tested my knowledge thinking that by going to Vegan restaurant I’d have a plethora of choices.  Not the case.  Being on the Whole30 means no grains, no beans, no tofu, nothing fried.. so, I glanced at the menu thinking oh boy..I’m in trouble.   I found only one item..

kale avocado cucumber salad 

massaged kale topped with carrot, cucumber, jicama, celery, and apples served w/sliced lemon wedges and hibiscus dressing

It was a great lunch, I omitted the Hibiscus dressing… but I did ask what they meant by “massaged Kale”.. lemon and olive oil,  it was superb, but it was the only thing on the whole menu that I could eat.  Lesson learned… Plan ahead while on the Whole30.

Today’s menu:

Meal 1: 1 egg + 1 spinach Pancake – 1 cup of black coffee

Meal 2: see above

Meal 3: 4 oz Salmon cooked in coconut oil, butternut squash, avocado – La Croix sparkling water w/lemon

Water…… water… water…..





3 mile walk with the puppies











Thanks for Reading,