It’s been a long day, I came home to a dirty house (how does that happen with 3 adults living together?) plan tonight was to work on my menu for the next few days, instead, I cleaned, did laundry, dishes, folded laundry etc.. etc. etc.  You know, it never ends.  I’m finally able to sit down and understand what it is that I’m getting myself into.  This is normal you know, I love to jump in head first with everything I do, while I’m a planner of sorts, sometimes my plans are tossed into a blender and get all mixed all together.. That’s how I’m feeling right now. a bit overwhelmed, but the good thing is that when I’m under pressure, I work so much better.

I downloaded a grocery list of DO’s.. so much better than don’ts.  My plate just got bigger, while I can’t have many of the things I’ve so come to love in my daily diet, I can a variety of other items that no doubt I’ll learn to love, like Fruit. I’m not a “sweets” person… I don’t crave sweets at all (except Jameson).  So I have to force myself to eat fruit more than what I currently do for sure.   Here’s an easy shopping list along with a grocery guide and a resource for the common additives that can be referenced while browsing through labels. I pulled all of these off the Whole 30 webpage.  There’s so many resources that I’ll be tapping into with recipes and information.  If you need to find something quickly, check out Pinterest.   Here’s a link to Tana Amen’s page where you’ll find many recipes, there are so many more that I plan on sharing as I come across them..

Lucky I’ve had some interest with friends and relatives that want to participate with me in this wonderful journey.  My wonderful Aunt Jan jumped right on board, she’s one of the most fit people I know, she’s a runner and belongs to  Crossfit Recoil in Los Alamitos.. no doubt, she’ll have a lot of support in her 30 day journey to clean eating to keep her on track and I’m so happy that this will give us a chance to get to know each other better, we have so much in common and our ages aren’t too far apart, can’t wait to start this with you Jan.   I’ve also had some great interest from the Anaheim Hills/Villa Park/Orange, CA Moms RUN This Town.. there are several ladies on there who want to join in and are as enthusiastic as I am about this.  And of course there’s one of my closest friends Lily Cass.. she’s decided to take the challenge too.  ALL GOOD THINGS!

So here’s the thing, April 8th has always been a lucky day for me.  My son was born on this day 27 years ago.  We had our celebration today and now  I’m going to do a minimal shop at Whole Foods  get some eggs, fruit, salmon, meats and a ton of veggies to last through the week.  On Sunday I plan on planning for the whole week and prepping the food.

Please feel free to leave comments on progress or tips.. I’m new to this and if you’ve already done it, please, share!!!


Thanks for reading. Taco Tuesday here we come!




Todays Menu: 

1 cup of coffee with dried creamer / Stevia

Meal 1: Sun Dried Bagel with cream cheese and smoked albacore tuna

Meal 2: Sesame-Crusted Seared Ahi coconut forbidden rice, beech mushrooms & ginger-ponzu sauce 

Diet Coke

Meal 3: Tacos yes… Margaritas yes…. what else? Wine! all else TBD 



6:30 am Crossfit class at Crossfit Structured Fullerton