I’ve been tossing around doing some kind of eating challenge for a while now.  I’ve had great advice from my good friend Tana Amen, author of the Omni Diet on eating properly, what’s good, what I should avoid and while I’ve had moderate success with this, I tend to fall back into my old ways very quickly.   This has nothing to do with the diet, it has everything to do with me and my long term way of thinking.  So I decided that I’d challenge myself using the premise of the Whole30, and apply all I’ve learned from both of these books to make them work for me.

I have never done any form of fasting or Lent  as I’m not catholic or religious for that matter, but I find it so interesting that millions of  people will give up something they love for 30 days like no swearing, no soda, no meat, no alcohol… all in the name of something they believe in. Well, I believe in being smaller in size (not skinny, but comfortable in my own skin) .. I’m by  no means over weight, but I’m not happy with the way I look right now.  At 44, I’d love to be able to wear a bathing suit in public and not be self conscious, I’d love to look in the mirror and not think to myself – ugh…

I don’t need to lay out the rules to you here, though the basics are as followed:  NO to everything good tasting.  Just kidding.. I’ll only fail if I look at it that way.  I need to change my brain… change the way I look at food and every time I think about eating something I have to decide; will this do my body harm? or good?  and that’s a decision I have to make.  What I like about the Whole30 is that if I falter once, I start over.  There’s no room for failure here, no slips… just success.

(Andree’s hang ups)

No Scale

No Alcohol

No Rice or Soy Sauce



The rest is cake or not really.


Today I ate Pho Soup… tonight I’ll have a nice drink… tomorrow we’ll do Taco Tuesday with margaritas…. then Wednesday it’s on!



T-2 and counting


(this is me 8 years ago)  I’d like to get back here – stretch marks are real yes… I have them.  I have three beautiful children as the result.