imageI went to a workshop recently and was asked to name three incidences to where I started something, maintained it and finished it.  Not knowing what I was signing up for, I went to the meet and greet and learned what my project was.  My memory isn’t the greatest, I remember only small details of my childhood and minimal of everyday activities unless something significant happens.  Don’t get me wrong, I remember the important things, my children’s births, my wedding day, the day I got my black belt; but ask me to remember what I did or where I was last Tuesday at 3:00pm, I couldn’t tell you.  So this project that I was supposed to read and understand, became a thing of “oh my gosh” what am I going to do?  I came home, put the folder on the coffee table and looked at it for the rest of the evening.  I cleaned up a bit, folded clothes, and watched something on TV, created a full playlist for my run on Sunday… basically stayed up until 1:00 am.  For me, this is not normal, normally I fall asleep at 8-9pm on the sofa, my husband wakes me up and we’re off to bed.  But this night, at 1:00am, my husband is shutting down the house, I’m on the sofa, screwing around with my playlist and that booklet is still sitting there, just staring at me. I’m not tired, I know I have to read what my instructions are…so I go to bed.  I’m awake. 3:00… maybe a shot of whiskey will help me sleep.  4:00 – No it didn’t.   5:00… try for an hour….. 6:00 – forget it.  I have to read the instructions and come up with three memories and find details about them so that that I may explain to strangers how I finished them.    I was mad at myself for signing up for this workshop, how in the world could I be paying X amount of dollars for this?  I had to be there at 9:00am.  So, I finally sat down and read my instructions.  Turns out, it wasn’t so bad, the instructions were clear and it was an easy task. I lost all of that sleep for really no other reason that my own procrastination.

One of my topics that I was proud about was completing my half marathon. Though I wasn’t going to use that as an example, in my eyes, running, hiking… all very easy things.  You put one foot in front of another and you move forward, so I wasn’t going to discuss this because to me it’s just something that you do. Moving forward is the only way to go, doesn’t matter the process, we don’t walk around moving backwards right?  So I struggled about this being something of an “accomplishment”.  But I chose it anyway as it was easier than talking about how I started being a parent, maintained being a parent and finished being one…. Turns out that I started with a plan, I maintained the plan by practice and eventually, I finished it. So it was a good example even though I was reluctant to use it.

Yesterday I completed my third half marathon.  The ribbon on my medal reads “2015 FINSIHER”  I didn’t run a spectacular run, my average was12:45 pace, but with a 5 week training schedule, I did the best that I could do based on my ability.  Though honestly, I think if I had a 16 week training schedule, I probably would have finished at the same time.  I’m a slow runner period, but I’m a finisher.

Recently I posted on Facebook this quote: “My academic career was indifferent to the point of beauty- I was so unremarkable, in every way, that the unvarying precision of my mediocrity achieves a kind of loveliness” Mil Millington


Thinking about this quote, it really does pin as true.  I’m so average in every way that that it’s beautiful and lovely because it makes me unique in my own way.  Not everyone can have high IQ’s, retain every detail or be an analytical problem solver.  I strive to be the best I can, to the best of my ability and I do it well.

I’m a finisher. It might take me 15 years, 5 weeks or even a lifetime, but if I set a goal in my mind and it’s realistic, then nine times out of ten, I’m always working towards that goal, consciously or subconsciously.  I bring all of this up because we as human beings have a tendency be unaware of the accomplishments that we achieve every day, whether it be running 500 yards, 3 miles or 13.1 miles – sticking to a diet plan, completing a puzzle, keeping your house clean, showing up for class, or being in service to another for even the smallest thing. While it may be average or minute, everything we do falls under the list of completion at one point or another, we are all finishers. This is important to recognize, that sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we need to be.  I personally may not be extraordinary, but who cares, I’m happy with my personal accomplishments and know that when I set out to do something – I’m going to do it.  I’m a FINSIHER in the true sense.