For anyone who has had a sports injury, they know the Power of Ice.

For the past two weeks I have been unable to run because my foot has been swollen and incredibly sore.  Now, I’m familiar with injuries, and after all of this time, you’d think I’d remember just how important icing means for sports injuries.  After running my half marathon last month (yes I did it)  and changing jobs to a more formal atmosphere where I thought that wearing high heals would somehow benefit my professional appearance, as a result, my left foot has made even walking a challenge – it has felt as though I’ve had this big pebble inside my shoe yet I was barefoot.    So, I cut the heals (again) and laid low for a time – I rested, but didn’t ice.

Yesterday we went on a 9 mile hike up to the Bridge to Nowhere, I was apprehensive based on my current foot status, but I went none the less, I have been going stir crazy, needed to get out and breathe the fresh air and to MOVE!!  After our excursion I was in a lot of pain; my husband continuing to say the same thing over and over again, “ICE ICE ICE.. you’ll feel better”, so when we got home I did a series of three icing sessions – 20 min on 20 min off 20 min on, 20 min off….today: Monday, the day after my 9 mile hike, I am feeling so much better. It doesn’t hurt to walk…….I’ve iced again tonight and somewhat laid low today, focused on the 30 day Ab challenge instead. I’ll do the same tomorrow. then go for a run on Friday.

How does Icing work?

Ice reduces the inflammation to tissues, muscles and ligaments.


While on the hike, my friend Lily brought up the old RICE acronym to me as I was complaining on the trail, it’s as follows:





there’s a better explanation of how this works

Over the course of my journey in Karate, I managed to have full ACL Replacement as well as having a another torn ACL that has yet to be repaired. After surgery I iced continually with this wonderful machine that worked wonders on me.  it’s something like this, the reason I’m brining this up is because even though it really hurts during the process, icing heals.

Used safely and with moderation, Ice will cure most of the silly little injuries that we get living normal life as we do.  I’m an active 40+ year old who studies karate, runs 1/2 marathon (s) and I love to try new endeavors that are constantly challenging to capabilities of my middle aged body. ICE IS ONE OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS and no doubt will continue to be as long as I continue to grow in my physical fitness journey.  I’m always striving to be better – I’ve signed up for 2 more half marathons and plan on training for an Iron Man challenge.  Exciting times that will bring lots of ice to be applied to these old muscles.

Ice Baby.