I first heard of Diana Nyad in 2009 on NPR as a commentator, I’ve been following her story since then. This weekend, she accomplished her dream, at 64 years old, she completed something no one else has done by swimming 103 miles without a shark cage from Cuba to Key West. You can read her amazing story on her webpage http://www.diananyad.com/ her accomplishment shows great perseverance and dedication. This was not her first attempt at this swim, her first was in 1978 – 35 years later, she completed what she set out to do, spending 52 hours 54 minutes in the water, non stop, with jelly fish, and the danger of sharks, SHE DID IT!!

This woman is a force to be reckoned with, if you’re wondering why I bring this up on our Kenpo Women site, I think the answer is obvious. Here is a woman who started something decades before, and due to reasons that were out of her control, her dream was put on hold, the fact that she was able to achieve the goal she set out to do at the age of 64, impresses me beyond words.

As athletes we strive to condition ourselves to be better prepared for the next test, to be prepared for the unexpected and to complete the goals we set out for ourselves. Diana Nyad is a true athlete and I hope that her story encourages other women who have started something but couldn’t finish it that it’s never too late.