As we are coming up on a Black Belt testing this weekend at BWKS, I was thinking about ideas and content for Kenpo Women.  One of purposes of this website was to create an open line of communication for women who try to balance work, family and Karate.  Also, in honoring  our KENPO WOMEN  it has given a solid resource and reference for up and coming martial artists who can learn from thier stories, triumphs and tribulations.   

A new segment on our site will be an area to view other Kenpo Women’s Black Belt Thesis’.   Over the years, these projects have been printed out and stored and filed away somewhere.  Why not share your research topic with others… That is what I do each day with this site, it’s my black belt thesis that continues to grow. If you are interested in sharing your thesis from your test, doesn’t matter how old or new it is,  we would be honored to share it with our readers. 

Thank you,

 Andree Scanlon