I have recently been updating my women’s self defense power point along with  the structure of the bag work drills in the classes that I teach.   A couple of weeks ago I added spinning back elbows to a class and it was an immediate hit with the women who attended.

Our elbows are effective weapons to be used for self defense; upward, downward, outward, inward, inward overhead, outward overhead, obscure, flapping, collapsing, back, obscure, spinning, and any combination of the above. If we practice hitting hard with our elbows while visualizing a scenario, we may be more equipped to use them if need be.

I thought it might be interesting to have an elbow flow drill in combination with other strikes women can employ with power. To me focus pad drills are fun and empowering.

This is a clip of Kimberly Alcala, one of our very talented young black belts.   She is dedicated to continually refining her skills in Kenpo and is an invaluable asset to our school.  She helps many, and she and the Alcala family is near and dear to our Kenpo family.

Enjoy this clip and work on this or your own combo.  Submit ideas, video’s, or thoughts to Andree and together, we can come up with some great flow drills.


Barbara White