Looking for a book to read this morning, I came across Sheryl Sandbert’s LEAN IN, to further appease my curiousity I listened to her TED commentary on Why we have too few women leaders, her message was powerful and VERY thought provoking.  After reading her book I will do a write up on my thoughts.  If anyone else would like to contribute to this write up, please feel free to email me andree@seans121.sg-host.com and we can put together our notes. I am a working mother, for the last 25 years I’ve worked hard and raised my children yet I continue to be at the same position for the last 13 years. I think this not only will apply to career, it can apply to our martial arts training and our every day lives in general, we as women multi task beyond belief, we don’t do just 1 job, we juggle family, work, exersise, friends and do it with a smile on our face most of the time, so how do we get ahead? I intend on finding out the view of Sheryl Sandberg who is obviously successful and managed to do what many women do not.