New Years thoughts

During this week I’ve had time to reflect and reminess on the year 2012. This year was the year of my black belt, it’s a new lifestyle for me. It’s easy to write and say how focused I’ve been on my karate since September 8th, but if I did, I would be lying. There’s a different feeling involved once you’ve achieved a goal like this, I call it Black Belt Vacation – my husband did it once he achieved his black, and apparently I have followed suit. It doesn’t mean I’ve lost my interest in Kenpo, I’ve been busy working the Kenpo Women Site, with new ideas forming each day to improve the site and to continue to keep an open line of discussion between all of these wonderful women and men who support KENPO WOMEN. This has kept me occupied, and of course my family, full time work and my incessant need for planning everything under the sun from new career changes to mapping out every free weekend in the year 2013, it’s exhausting even to me.

I have lost my “training” focus though, I mean my real physical training, my mind struggles with the plethora of goals in front of me. By Nature, I am goal oriented, but that can also be my biggest fault as that I make so many goals it can be hard to maintain focus, that’s why completing my black belt was such a huge victory for me. Over the last few months I continue to run, yet I find that I’m not going in one particular direction, that it’s sporadic and unplanned, it’s as though I’m lost in a way. I am still going to the studio 2-3 times per week (as much as a can), but my focus, “my harmonious joining of mind body and breath” is missing. We as women are always supposed to be poised, composed and completely in control of who we are, where we are going and where we want to be, right? Reality Check – this is never the case, I find that we all struggle to stay focused, writing about if for me helps me map it out on paper

My KENPO goals for 2013 are complex, jumbled and convoluted…I’m going in many directions and I’m not sure which direction is the right one I should be taking, so I’m writing them down as I strongly feel that we are accountable for our actions – I firmly believe in the motto – do as you say, say as you do. With that being said here are my goals for Kenpo Women for 2013

1. Kenpo Women has much potential – goal: continue to grow and learn from other KENPO WOMEN, bringing forth more stories and excerpts from women all over.
2. I would like to arrange a seminar at some point in the year, this seminar would be taught by Kenpo Woman and open to both men and women.
3. Our Online Store will be up and running
4. Will learn and perfect FORM 7 (personal goal)
5. Run a 1/2 Marathon… (personal goal)
6. Focus, focus

These are ALL realistic goals and now that they’ve been written down, I am accountable for making them happen.

Wishing you the Best for 2013 – Happy New Year and may all of your goals and dreams you hope for become a reality.

Best to you and Yours.