“Hi, my name is Alex Solis. When I was six years old I was enrolled in
Karate, and have been doing it ever since.  I am 12 now, and have achieved
the rank of Black Belt.  I have learned so many things from Karate.  For
example, I have learned to set and achieve goals. Today, I set myself a
goal, and in a few months of hard work, I hope to achieve this goal.”

Alex would like to break her record of this 30 sec bag work/burpee combo.
Her record is currently 7 rounds in 30 seconds. Alex runs hills on a
regular basis, which works her quads and endurance.  She happens to be the
pace-setter on the hills in our Saturday morning boot camp.  She would
also like to strengthen her arms and eventually be able to do a full
pull-up, unassisted.  In order to do this, she will perform 2
band-assisted pull-ups every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes.  When
she reaches that goal, she will begin completing 3 pull-ups on the minute
for 8 minutes.  She will do this until she can do 24 band-assisted
pull-ups without stopping.  From there, she will begin to develop the
strength for one pull-up.
In about a month, we will check in with Alex and see where she is in her
pull-ups and this 30 second bag drill.
Is there anybody out there who has similar goals they have set for