In developing our logo, we wanted each component to have symbolic meaning.

Eight-Petaled Lotus

Symbolizes different meanings to different cultures out of all of them we found that purity, perfection and divinity best suits Women in Kenpo.

The Universal Patch

Shows our angles and paths of action – we are responsible for the paths we choose.

Excerpt from Infinite Insights into Kenpo Volume   4 –  “The idea for the UNIVERSAL PATTERN was conceived by the flick of a switch.  Because I was tired while viewing Karate techniques, instead of changing the reels on my movie projector, I decided to turn the reverse switch on instead.  Studying myself on film was most beneficial.  It was an excellent educational means to critique and improve my moves.  this useful tool also allowed me to become more objective – to view myself through the eyes of an observer.  Watching my movements in reverse changed my entire perspective of the Martial Arts. In fact, it fascinated me beyond my expectations.  I was instantly aware that the natural forward motion viewed on the screen was only half of what motion really contains – motion in reverse completed the other half.  I there upon discovered motion not only to be multi dimensional, but multi directional as well.  I was, therefore, determined to design a pattern that would help me understand movement more thoroughly.  I knew I had to have a directional key to movement – a design that would help aid students to systematically understand the interrelationship of linear and circular movement and the paths which they were to follow.  Since both are unavoidably used in combat, they should be learned from a practical standpoint.  Practicality, as we discussed, borders between simplicity and complexity.”

The Chinese Symbol reads Strength

Clearly these women have demonstrated a great amount of inner and physical strength to be at the level they are.


Thank you to HB Sunset Graphics for taking an idea and bringing it to reality.